Teltonika RUT950 Dual SIM LTE Router with WiFi



Product Details

Dual SIM 3G / 4G WiFi router for professional applications

Teltonika’s RUT950 is a compact and reliable LTE router with built-in WiFi, the router delivers high performance, mission-critical cellular communication in hard to reach places. The RUT950 comes with multi SIM slots which provides connectivity redundancy through SIM failover functionality, and external WiFi and LTE antenna connectors. Its powerful processor ensures that it can handle advanced industrial applications and makes it the ideal choice for reliable communications, automation and CCTV deployments.

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Managed SIM Cards

Our internet connected SIMs are ideal for any cloud based application requirement ranging from 2G/3G/4G low usage Telemetry to high usage Mobile Broadband. There is the option of a Private APN to provide protection for any complex or secure connectivity requirements and we offer flexible tariffs and usage aggregation to minimise bill shock.