With the increase in the size of data files that are frequently opened across networks, and the ever more popular deployment of Voice Over IP communications, selecting the correct cabling infrastructure, and its quality and performance have never been more essential in achieving maximum value from your investment in technology. In simple terms, the physical layer of the network – the cabling and terminations – represents the highway over which all network traffic must travel, and the performance of all network interface devices can only be as high or as fast as the highway allows.



At Cloud9ine Communications we ensure that the design and construction of the cabling infrastructure meets your traffic’s requirements for speed and volume.

Armed with the most relevant information supplied by you will enable Network cable solutions to help you choose the best solution to suit your needs, but along the way we are always on hand to help you reach the right decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will structured cabling benefit my business?

One simple cabling system also reduces power and maintenance costs, and eliminates the time and money spent on locating and rectifying any issues. A structured cabling system provides an enhanced level of flexibility – helping to improve performance and drive business growth.

Will it suit my business?

Structured cabling is a type of infrastructure that supports the performance of an organisation’s cabling system or network. It is the glue that binds all PCs, phones and other devices used within the business together – providing a reliable and versatile solution to a wide range of communication requirements. The importance of organised cabling systems will vary from business to business, but for the majority, it can ensure a highly reliable and cost-effective network infrastructure that will stand the test of time.

What is fibre?

optical fibre structured cabling networks. … Structured cabling networks are systems to interconnect devices allowing for sharing resources, peripherals and/or information. A network designed and installed properly will give the speed and reliability essential to the efficiency of the system.