Unbelievable Super Fast Broadband

We provide next generation broadband for rural & poor internet connection areas. We provide 4G internet to 99% of the UK for residential, self employed and business customers and our services performs rapidly in areas where fibre cannot reach the customer.  

  • Superfast and ultra-reliable.
  • Browse and download around the clock.
  • Our fastest ever router.

Test your speed now

If you live or work anywhere in Wales and suffer with poor broadband speeds, you may well qualify for financial assistance from the Welsh Assembly. Its Access Broadband Cymru Subsidy Scheme is there to help you at least double your current download speed, bringing much faster broadband to your home or business.

If you choose us as your Internet Service Provider, with an ABC subsidy you’ll have absolutely no up-front costs and an unlimited data plan.

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AS EASY AS 1-2-3

1. Complete the formbelow and receive a quote in 24hrs

2. Submit the quote with your application to Access Broadband Cymru (we can help you with this!)

3. Cloud9ine will install your superfast broadband equipment. Once installed funding will be released on your behalf.

Let us know how we can contact you and we’ll take it from there